A battle without a cause

A journey of bloodshed and violence
Something, that never ceases to be past tense
This iniquity and evil, spawning from minds
Sans any sense of thought, good and kind
Has the power at centre gone completely callous
focussed on nothing, but creating chaos, raucous?
How many more to die, how many more to lose
Until they get the backbone to act, and set loose

The act of retribution, against these evil minions
Who, despite education and well bringing, act heinous
How dare you take away something that god has given?
How can you walk on, like nothing ever happened?

Such acts of cheap cowardice , is all you can ever pull off
Can’t you gather spine? And pursue a cause not so well off?
You cease to be human, you are worse than the wildest brute
And god will make sure, your end will be just as crude.

I pray for mankind to be strong, and not to give in
The evil lurks, and somehow finds its way to creep in
It deviods the mind of thought, the heart of soul
And makes us zombies, without any sense of control

In the event of this darkness, the world still turns
The evil ones left uncaptured, and my country burns!
The test of time never ceases to end
The city moves on, without any sense of pretend

Kudos to the city that never says die
The beauty and diversity in it, that lies
Today india stands as one, in prayer and hope
That this mindless war comes to an end

A dawn of prosperity, sans any sense of fright
A new india , without any flaws
The superpower, with all her might
Rid of this battle, one without a cause

This is a tribute to the brave souls who laid down thier lives at gun shot to save the civilians. And for all the bereaved souls from the terror attacks in Mumbai on 26/11.

Let there be peace on earth.

Like Queene once sang, this could be heaven for everyone, but if only we let it.


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