Break the cycle

The storm rages on, wars wage on
She was left with nothing to carry on
cornered to a nook and forsaken
All joy from her life, taken

Back to the start, right to square one
Where this vicious cycle had begun
Back to the start where she’d erred
and now she’s nothing,but a prisoner

The cage door started creaking
The pillars of hope started breaking
She’s numb with shock and glum
What all was done, now undone

The dents of the damage done
will stay on the mould forever on
Now it was in her hands, left loose
The path that she had to choose

She took a fistful of sand
and vowed herself to a stand
“I will break this cycle
I will confront the evil, I will tackle”

“What have I got to lose?
No worries about fitting into another’s shoes
No foundation or past to build over
No scope for a base, or makeover”

“Will not care about the lost time
I am still in my prime
Will achieve my goals, will win
and then the new cycle will begin”

No fall is too permanant for me
For I will rise
And when I do
I will take the world by surprise.


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