Drift away, my little paper boat

This is the story of a little paper boat
With nothing on it, but heavy hopes afloat
Made with multiple flaws, folded paper
With an uncertainty of may be, later . . .

May be someday this float will drift away
Will cross the horizon, fructifying the dreams astray
May be someday, this one will shine across the sea
Achieving a sense of timelessness, an eternity

Maybe this one might get sunken by rain
or maybe picked and flushed down the drain?’
May be someone might pick it up and fix
the flaws present, sans malice  and tricks

But as we watched the little boat sail
along an end that was a one way trail
we knew it’d hit the wall soon
and probably hit rock bottom before noon

Little did we know that the drain lead the way
to a new dawn, where hopes did not go astray
a route to a new start nonethless
one to reach a destination , one flawless

The folds on the paper were all the more shown
The burden on the little one, to many unknown
So drift away my little paper boat
Save the faith, keep my hopes afloat . . .


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