For Meanie

With a can of drink, he strikes a pose
aping a sports model with oversized nose
To some he may seem a flirt
to some sober, devoid of mirth

With a blinker he focuses in mind
in his blog, other thoughts unwind
In mindless chatter he whiled away time
But in silence, his mind works at prime

Wielding a guitar he sings a song
cracks lame jokes, others laugh along
In deep mood swings his mind oscillates
scares the crap out of all of mates

Draws on paper , with crayons and pencils
Brings to lunch, a box of boiled lentils
ear to ear like a cheshire cat, he grins
Bright pink balloons he refuses to bring!

Basketball to cricket, he plays all games
all girls in the facility know his name
His popularity is too much to explain
but the envy of other men, drive ‘em insane!

He takes a joke in a stride, a sport
He shrugs indifference and neglect
He never refuses a trip to food court
the steamed corn, to never forget!

Though he gets damaged many a time, he smiles
His image remains the same all the while
A vile man at times, sometimes pristine
this is the lore of Thames Augustine


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