God forsaken

Withered and haggard, she walked alone
Soles of her feet, torn on stone
Beneath the ruthless skies of her bane
She aimlessly treads on, unknown

At every juncture there was a story to tell
Long long ago, when things went well
With a many a high hopes, she shrugged it all
Moved on , blissfully unaware of the fall

In many a situation , she did not stand a chance
Shock held her captive, dumb as if in a trance
This time around things might change, she thought
Fear , anger and negativity, she bravely fought

Then came the steep end of the cliff, so near
She stared across the blinding light with no fear
A knight stood across with a hand held out
And out she reached , hesitance and glum without

But little did she know that it was a plot
Meant to make her fall, and crash like an earthen pot
She fell into the abyss, how deep she fell
Only the endless time could tell

Now she rises from the deep abyss
With complete distrust, naivete destroyed
She walk on , withered and haggard
Aspirations and hopes, she will avoid.

She wonders what happened in between?
Why were all her joys and dreams taken
The sky roared with thunder, then she realised
That she was god forsaken.


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