Inner torment of the IT professional

The same old drill ensues, yet another day
The monotony never seems to fade away
One fine day, it’s all out in the papers
Your soul is drowned in worry, and dismay

The competition increases, the level so very upbound
The need for the amoebic, ever so profound
The lay off, budget cuts all set to take shape
To shake your world, like an earthquake

Will I make money for bread today
Or to grad school, should I make way?
Will I end up jobless tomorrow?
And give in to the pile of loans borrowed?

The unforgiving inflation, with it, it brings
The lack of balance, security and savings
There seems to be no guarantee for normal skills
An engineering degree is now a run off the mill

Where are we headed in this mad rush of a race?
Where does it all end?
should we be vigil and fickle?
Or laid back and be calm and pretend?

I feel the rush deep within,
but my fear keeps me captive, instead
When will I recover from the feel of dread
and when will I move ahead?

Am I losing my sanity to the void?
Am I imprisoned in a nightmare of Freud?
Am I being just garrulous
Or a tad too paranoid ?


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