Me and my vortex of void

It’s a stormy night as I walk alone
Shivering and wet in the cruel cold
Armed only with my regret and anguish
As my dud life unfolds

Across the windows I see faces
Smiles and laughter seem so far away
My trifle existence is devoid of mirth
All that I had has gone astray

The restaurant yonder is full of merriment
Clinking of glasses, making of toasts
People sing and some of ‘em dance
Almost frightfully, as if in a trance

I look up at the gloomy sky
And what do I see?
Reflections of my gloom and pain
And starlight gone bleak

Who am I now but a shadow?
That crawls along the surface
Without a soul to claim, a life to love
Like a sunflower gone dry

Spring becomes everyone
Everything comes to full bloom
But I thrive in perennial winter
All that circumvents me is perpetual gloom

Across the alley I see a light
Wonder if it’s shining for me
Because in spite of all that I’ve sought
I’m stuck in this vortex of void


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