Mutant Mutiny

In the mid of the village stood this banyan tree
So tall so strong, that all could see
The mighty trunk in it’s mid, the branches wide
multitudes of roots, hanging on each side

In it’s height many a few sought refuge
In it’s shade,  many a few rested,
In it’s few fruits a pintful ate and fed
The rest just clung on ,all without a clue

The roots spread out far and long, like tentacles
A few managed to break free, some held on
Some hoped for a storm , or some miracles
Some stood still, suicidal and forlorn

And then a tornado took the town by surprise
The residents ran for life, fear in each eye
In utter desparation some fought
For some it was freedom well sought

Out of the blue, we heard a slight uproar
Cries of victory , across the sky soar
The prisoners of the vile tree
Set themselves free

From the safety and nothingness they must exit
Else if they persist, they will perish
Onto a new path so free , they go
A new start , one sure to flourish


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