My Karmic count

As a kid I’d thought,”What would I be?”
when i turn twenty three?
Will I be rich, will I be free?
Will I be grinning perennially with glee?

Wil I be famous, a celebrity?
Will I walk red carpets, whilst others scream?
Will I blow kisses in the air, and smile?
While people stand in lines, for miles?

Will I sing , and will the world hear?
Will the vox populi hold me dear?
Will I go on tour and spread delight?
Or will I laugh at my then state, and plight?

Will I be smart, will I shine?
Will I be blessed by the all pervading divine?
Will I grow strong , will I be bold
or break down distraught , and fold?

Will I be popular, will I be pretty?
Will I be considered capable and witty?
Or will they crash down on me, like a hawk….
Grinding me like stored flour , in stock?

Will I be honest and true, and virtuous?
Will I be deep, insightful and not superfluous?
Will my frankness be considered my asset?
Or dig me a grave, in my dissent?

Will my hard work go unnoticed, in vain
Will I stay stagnant, gather moss in pain
Will I hold back defiance, against evil?
Or will I fight for what’s right and not restrain?

Will I stay unfrayed in the face of injustice
Will I struggle through the odds, will I make it?
Will this under dog crawl through the dark tunnels
Onto the greener pastures and the oasis?

Now I look back on my childhood, and I smile
not a happy one, and i say this wistful rhyme
I guess it all had depended on a factor, called time
and bad karma will ensue, for all crime


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