My own chaos theory

The days drag on endlessly, it seems
stagnant is the state of my mind’s stream
Night & day alike, I ponder , I try
but cant stop asking myself, “Why?”

Cant question the almighty’s purpose
Can only count on my lessons learnt
Cant question the crossroad he’s brought us
Despite analysing, days laughed and wept

Cant deny the wavelengths that matched
Friendships that started long after I hatched
Cant forget the great times that have passed
Cant forget the fights that ensued

Can focus on my own self, after all this time
After friendships detriorate past their prime
Can only count on my thoughts and talent, sublime
And the green signal of the almighty divine

Cant question people’s views and actions
or my own moves and retaliations
Spent this life so far, sans a gud luck potion
A light leaf, floating along the stream’s motion

Cant deny letting my guard down, or having spoken
or having had my heart left alone and broken
But cant leave any grudge unavenged
or indifference of any kind, untackled

Is my present a blank tile, a slate?
Or am I too audacious to quesetion my fate?
Where will this journey lead me, what more?
Will the future see me happy or leave me sore?

Will I be having all the money for shopping sprees?
Will I be able to be as joyous free?
Will there be much more to venture, to see?
Will I take a chance, sans any guarantee?

Who knows what the future holds, I am told
So I’m leaving this puzzle on it’s own, to unfold
‘ve decided to move on, to cut all ropes
‘Cos I am stuck like a dope, with none but hope

The new day shall dawn, and we’ll see
the bonds clearly broken, those of misery
Soon the new chapter of this life will begin
The day when I’ll smile again, I’ll sing

The purpose of my life, I’ve come to know
Now I finally know which way to go
To any end I’ll go, I’ll achieve
Climb any mountain, swim every sea!


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