Nothing is what it seems

In this life, my dear you will see
What you get is not what you seek
Despair will engulf you in complete
And leave your existence mild and bleak

For what one strives to do, they cant
For what one wants to do, they wont
This is the part in which we will hear
The never ending –“no, no, no and don’t”

Nothing is what it seems, my dear
For aims and goals unfulfilled
With diligence and obstinacy you step forward
While life hauls you towards the rear

In this life we learn
In this life we love
In this life we fall
In this life we give into strife

If you think you know what lies ahead, think again
The cosmos has a different plan
May be scheming to put you in pleasure
Or plotting to put you in pain

When all your efforts go in vain
What do you come to see?
In this life, you may try too hard
But nothing is what it seems


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