Puppy love, perhaps?

There is poetry is my head, somewhere …
my fingers cannot fathom the words.
Too much beauty in the atmosphere
Is this just a fleeting moment, so spurious?

That fuzzy feeling deep inside
That slight hesitance , to greet eye to eye
that whooshing rush into the heart
that lump , keeping the vox tied

Am I crushing for you?
Am going to even remember this in a month
or perhaps even two?
Would I still want to barge or bump into?

In a wide-eyed gaze, you make my day
When you walk towards me , I mentally slip away
But ma cherie
remember , this life is one sans guarantee

This may not be a song that I croon for you
The human heart of mine will not be subdued
So sooner than later you’ll be gone long behind
and I shall be giggling over this , for a while !


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