The rise of the rage

Look beyond the well, you frog
There are the skies, the fog
Look beyond the well you toad,
for only tadpoles you can scold

Why go on? Why should I?
Fight against the glee that died
Why persist? Why kill the gloom
When you can mope like a loon

Will a single word to this, a goodbye
Stall the tears, lest I cry?
Will the encumbering desire of sleep
Console and comfort this naive sheep?

Looking across to the other side, I see
Green pastures and vines of peas
Looking hither, I can clearly observe
The head of the herd, desiring me to subserve

Why go on, watch the rebellion in wave
changing to people, from being a slave
Why persist , because unless u wont
only happiness and joy, you’ll desist

Why consume the crap being fed
when you can throw it back to them, instead?
Why tolerate the bullying
when you can send them hiding, and screaming?

I am no more in meekness, I am in the rising
I am a wolf in a sheep’s clothing
Come what may, to hell with what the say
This wolf will have things going it’s way

One full moon will come, the stars will shine
The light will fall on me, the one divine
When I duly join my pack, my space
And leave the shitmongers in disgrace

And where tears once flowed, silent rage will
The whole world will come to a standstill
For nothing more they deserve more duly
Then the brunt of my cold fury


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