What IF? [written on 1st Oct, 2005]

what happens when darkness falls?
when evil lurks, standing tall
When you try things in your own way
But it doesnt matter anyway

What happens when empires fall
When once you knew you had it all
But you blamed everything on your fate
fret and fume till it’s too late!

what happens when u drown in despair
lose out on something really rare
drenched in frustration surrounded by gloom,
and inching in to seal your doom

What happens when you’re stuck in a maze
a pathful of thorns & bristles, fires ablaze
you try to run and hide, scream and shout
but alas ! there’s no way out

what happens when you know it’s all gone
you hear it scream from far away
when you ram your head over a lost chance
because you failed to seize the day …

when you are all alone in the black night
when everything’s wrong and nothin’s right
kith and kin, near and dear out of sight
friends and foes alike amuse at your plight

what if all that you had was never really yours
what if someone has already sealed your fate?
will you carry on with your tears and fears
Until it’s too late???


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