When Boredom Strikes

“What do we do now”???
The students despair
When boredom strikes;
It is really rare….

When we stay awake
Pay attention, take notes
Search for ‘Knowledge’ we take
When things make sense

But what to do, on
a sweaty Thursday afternoon
We fret, we fume, we frown
Our eyelids droop down

Our pens drawl away on our notes
Our heads drop to the desk
We forget our worlds in this mode
Hell, you neednt even check!!!

So what do we do now
When boredom strikes?
How do we fight to stay awake?
How silly is our plight?

We get lectures and more lectures
Prophesying our doom
In the semester exams [I hope not]
Every weekday’s afternoon…

We pull ourselves up, although we try
Our “Heavy” lunches pull us down
We await the time when the siren rings
Oh! What a joy it brings!!!


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