Solitary musings

This week’s entry for 3ww

Sometimes the cage of my abode overwhelms me
With absolute ease, I flee to the outside
Nothing on me , save the burden of the heart
Hands tucked in the pockets, and so I start

The outflank relief to a tough situation
is a solitary walk along the beach
My mind wanders backwards, and seeks
My recluse, my happy place I reach

With the music of the heart playing
omission of the dissonance of the brain
I reach to the reins of god
assaying inner peace, but in vain.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gautami tripathy
    Sep 15, 2011 @ 14:34:36

    Sometimes, it just isn’t enough…

    spoken inside the mind


  2. Shauna
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 05:02:50

    the search for peace is never in vain – nice rhyme.


  3. Alice Audrey
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 20:30:08

    Just reach a little further. I’m sure peace is possible.

    Great use of three words. Here is my attempt.


  4. Vivek
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 12:43:52

    Echo Alice’s words.


  5. Sheilagh Lee
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 05:50:20

    sometimes it’s hard to find that peace.


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