Uncomfortably numb

For this week’s 3ww

How I wish these blows were limited
Whilst I bounce back and forth
I rise, I fall
Oh, the wonder of it all …

From the black to the white
From the good to the bad
Things may seem solid, they might
But sadly, they both do end

Our lives funnel through the filter of time
Our desires, our wishes, our failures
They sift through the gaps of the fingers
Our existance , measly, smidge, not worthwhile

These invisible flecks we are
amidst the plethora sans limitations
I feel my senses heighten
A drain through my emotions

Through the aggresive brickbats
and the fragrant bouquets
As long as I find my inner void
I will be okay

I wish the moment arrives
When I am immune to this facade
When this unreal existence fades
For the only truth is – nothingness


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