That one thing, that gets easier to do
As the years pass us by;
As turbulence and chaos reigns
and misfortunes, intensify

Through the daunting challenges
and shattering heartbreaks;
One reaches a threshold,
After all, how much can one take?

When the mind takes over the brain
A bewitching devil it is;
Push replay to overdrive
With much precision, fastidious

As the times pass us by,
Through wisdom, turmoil and penance;
Our old friends, who quickly arrive,
are peace, calm and acceptance.

This is the entry for this week’s 3ww

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Family comes first

The human life is cursed

You go through challenges, berserk;

Each one claims to have their own life, fights

Yet the unsolicited advice, and irk


For in your life they see their past

You feel that you are not their replicate;

That  thought of theirs, which always lasts

But they seldom feel their points a duplicate


So hear them out , family is most dear

Even if we frequently quibble

Family , without their love and strength

We would most probably we rubble!

Here I come

For this week’s 3ww

The bubbles surface when life dunks us under
deprived of hope , desire and thunder
Sooner or later we all drown and
then we lifelessly float

Some cowards take the ultimate plunge
Some doers expunge fear and dissuasion
While some sleep in eternal slumber
Most of all of us , lumber

Life is not about shattered shipwrecks
or dying sans a rescue mission
Oh kingdom of joy – I come for you
and I will wander through it all till I get there ….

Monday morning blue-bee-dooo

For last week’s 3www

Sigh … its Monday
For the very break of dawn
would make a awake person
terribly yawn

Its a mad race
through the weekdays
and oh how horrible,
The slackening pace

The Dull lull ends
when the weekend begins
so from today’s its done
the countdown from 5 to 1

The Idle Idiom

For this week’s 3WW and Jingle entry.

In idleness passes our mirthless existence

And so passes every second of silence

In idleness the mind opens a Pandora’s box

to show us what we loved, what we’ve lost

In idleness none is stable but our stance

The inertial object we become, in trance

In idleness one is most flooded with thoughts

Seldom constructive – while it in itself, rots

In the educated idleness I am stuck, as with glue

My indolent vision, looking tepidly, for clues

In this numbness I remain

In this numbness, the tears, they themselves –


From a kernel to an ocean

Abrupt was the demise of one cycle

he did fight, yell ,struggle and tackle

the storm was overpowering

the ocean overwhelming


Choking and spitting the oh-so-salty water

His thoughts and visions madly did wander

From a kernel of an existance from the past

seemed like an era so long ago, and lost


Just when the mighty ocean smirked over its win

The fruition of not giving in thus begins

He wields for life and love, and all he could lose

For his own fate, now, he did chose

Ode to my pillow

For this week’s 3WW entry ! 🙂

Oh dear pillow, with your immense softness

The feather and sponges, and cotton, you harness

You lead me to my world of dreams and fantasies

You capture and embelish my smile, in my sleep

Oh soft pillow, shimmer in my tears

Your loving embrace carressing my cheeks

The calming effect to many a heartbreaks

Even when my world is ripped at the seams

Dear pillow, can I thank you enough

for the nights slept sound, and the ones so rough

You and I have a secret that will never die

In my own world, where immaculation lies . . .

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