In memoriam

For this week’s 3ww 🙂

Was this the bane that was foretold?
Of the joy now and the pain, to later, unfold?
The fleeting feeling of being complete
The wholeness , that is soon to deplete

The acrid tone, the true colors
The happiness now that had turned sour
The very voice from before, bloomed the heart
Now pushed down the stairs, back to the start

The agony within making the heart swell
Looking inwardly into the bottomless well
In the depths of the bountiful , tepid , ocean
The outcome, in memories , forever to dwell.


Imprisoned in his mind

Here is the latest entry for the 3 word Wednesday category. The previous entry was for last week’s 3ww 🙂

He long did ignore, his deeds from before
But it did not take long, for karma to unfold
He fell so deep beneath within his own gaze
as cruelty smirked on, completely unfazed

The horrifying fears did taketh shape
They did all and more, than he could take
Self inflicted pain and misery seemed loyal
But happiness? So rusty and rickety, unoiled

And so he waits on his angel of fate
Yearning weightlessness along her pure wings
Dying every moment in her thoughts, her dreams
As soundness derailed – beckoning insanity’s spate