The Idle Idiom

For this week’s 3WW and Jingle entry.

In idleness passes our mirthless existence

And so passes every second of silence

In idleness the mind opens a Pandora’s box

to show us what we loved, what we’ve lost

In idleness none is stable but our stance

The inertial object we become, in trance

In idleness one is most flooded with thoughts

Seldom constructive – while it in itself, rots

In the educated idleness I am stuck, as with glue

My indolent vision, looking tepidly, for clues

In this numbness I remain

In this numbness, the tears, they themselves –



God’s blunder

Here goes my first ever entry for the monday potluck at the JinglePoetry page 🙂

As I stand in awe at the citadel up front
My mind , it heads into a dizzy trance
How can the hands of man, herald such wonder?
How can we let it die – and do blunder after blunder

The ruins of a once impermeable fort it was
The one abandoned, rival faith, was the cause
As the guide rambled on, the crowd walked along
But I stood my ground and suddely, heard a voice so profound

As I turned to the source of the voice
A ghostly apparition, it appeared
“My child, Why?, is the question, you wonder?
But dont you know – Mankind, is god’s blunder.”