The re-union

For this week’s 3WW 😀

The neglect, hatred and unresolved rage
belies their exteriors, smiling like a serene sage
It is not often for that they were to meet
so in complete exhilaration – each other,greet

One feels the emotions galore,
sealed ‘neath jaws of a cramp – threatening to explode
The other sits in complete nonchalance
Showing no frenzy or a state , of inward trance

With the aromas of the cups of heaven
in idle chatter they abused time
The one left with their own emotional baggage
as the other walked away, crossing every line…


A love, eternal

Here is the latest entry for the 3WW ! 🙂

In that one magical moment , the joy lingered
The words were lost in a silence, revered
The only thing that she ever did dread
Was that she’d never feel the same, instead –

In his warm grasp did she rest in ease
No more torment of the world , at peace
As they looked onto each others eyes
They smile, a perpetuity in paradise!

No burdens of the world or rage , to pacify
No more wretched lechers , or barefaced lies
For tonight , they did rest in an eternal slumber
to lead on a lifetime in the beyond, together