From a kernel to an ocean

Abrupt was the demise of one cycle

he did fight, yell ,struggle and tackle

the storm was overpowering

the ocean overwhelming


Choking and spitting the oh-so-salty water

His thoughts and visions madly did wander

From a kernel of an existance from the past

seemed like an era so long ago, and lost


Just when the mighty ocean smirked over its win

The fruition of not giving in thus begins

He wields for life and love, and all he could lose

For his own fate, now, he did chose


Ode to my pillow

For this week’s 3WW entry ! 🙂

Oh dear pillow, with your immense softness

The feather and sponges, and cotton, you harness

You lead me to my world of dreams and fantasies

You capture and embelish my smile, in my sleep

Oh soft pillow, shimmer in my tears

Your loving embrace carressing my cheeks

The calming effect to many a heartbreaks

Even when my world is ripped at the seams

Dear pillow, can I thank you enough

for the nights slept sound, and the ones so rough

You and I have a secret that will never die

In my own world, where immaculation lies . . .

Specks of dust.

As I sit alone trapped in my meandering thoughts

My demureness and naiveté, I now live without …

Wishing for once, my heart would turn to ice

Did i offend you with your own crimes, spliced?

Do you hate me enough now, to despise?

Peace pokes me, ataraxis lures me…

In my volatile world, I choose to burn in my flame

I glow in the glory of this inner pain

And these embers – should turn to ashes, they must.

And soon, they will only be specks of dust.

dinner delight

It was a night of charm and delight

Friends, family – all within line of sight

Hypocritical grins and fake warm hugs

Some settled well, some seemed thugs

As they sat down to savor the feast,

The evil of envy – unleashes its beast

As it slowly raises its hood…

Conversations are more than ever misunderstood
Soon the acrid rebuttals lash across the table

The correctitude of the evening, so very unstable

The robust evening of joy from before,

Was sadly, no more.

Heading north . . .

How varied are the expressions of the face?
Smiles, tears galore, anger beckons the grimace
Some with the control over this stay still as stone
Some unwillingly and unwittingly, let it all be known

If life is a sine curve,
then what is it’s current
If chaos, theories and butterflies fly,
why is there this iterating maze?

My friend, life is this trekkers walk
Sometimes joy walks beside you, sometime you rumble
but at the end of the road, when pain encumbers,
all you will do , is stumble.

The re-union

For this week’s 3WW 😀

The neglect, hatred and unresolved rage
belies their exteriors, smiling like a serene sage
It is not often for that they were to meet
so in complete exhilaration – each other,greet

One feels the emotions galore,
sealed ‘neath jaws of a cramp – threatening to explode
The other sits in complete nonchalance
Showing no frenzy or a state , of inward trance

With the aromas of the cups of heaven
in idle chatter they abused time
The one left with their own emotional baggage
as the other walked away, crossing every line…

That abandoned thought

Oh look , for how steep the cliff lies
It’s harsh rugged edges, so very precise
The mind it got a wee bit dizzy
And turned back from the cliff, in a frenzy

Oh look , for how fast, the current it runs
Gradual outnumbering of odds – millions to none
The mind,it sees it’s cowardice reflection
it backs out from that watered marsh region

Oh think now, you coward heart!
An end is no good – get a new , head start
A smile, a shrug of shoulders, done
And the thought of cease – did abandon!

The above poem was an entry for this week’s  3ww

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