Family comes first

The human life is cursed

You go through challenges, berserk;

Each one claims to have their own life, fights

Yet the unsolicited advice, and irk


For in your life they see their past

You feel that you are not their replicate;

That  thought of theirs, which always lasts

But they seldom feel their points a duplicate


So hear them out , family is most dear

Even if we frequently quibble

Family , without their love and strength

We would most probably we rubble!


Ode to my pillow

For this week’s 3WW entry ! 🙂

Oh dear pillow, with your immense softness

The feather and sponges, and cotton, you harness

You lead me to my world of dreams and fantasies

You capture and embelish my smile, in my sleep

Oh soft pillow, shimmer in my tears

Your loving embrace carressing my cheeks

The calming effect to many a heartbreaks

Even when my world is ripped at the seams

Dear pillow, can I thank you enough

for the nights slept sound, and the ones so rough

You and I have a secret that will never die

In my own world, where immaculation lies . . .

Specks of dust.

As I sit alone trapped in my meandering thoughts

My demureness and naiveté, I now live without …

Wishing for once, my heart would turn to ice

Did i offend you with your own crimes, spliced?

Do you hate me enough now, to despise?

Peace pokes me, ataraxis lures me…

In my volatile world, I choose to burn in my flame

I glow in the glory of this inner pain

And these embers – should turn to ashes, they must.

And soon, they will only be specks of dust.

A love, eternal

Here is the latest entry for the 3WW ! 🙂

In that one magical moment , the joy lingered
The words were lost in a silence, revered
The only thing that she ever did dread
Was that she’d never feel the same, instead –

In his warm grasp did she rest in ease
No more torment of the world , at peace
As they looked onto each others eyes
They smile, a perpetuity in paradise!

No burdens of the world or rage , to pacify
No more wretched lechers , or barefaced lies
For tonight , they did rest in an eternal slumber
to lead on a lifetime in the beyond, together