Specks of dust.

As I sit alone trapped in my meandering thoughts

My demureness and naiveté, I now live without …

Wishing for once, my heart would turn to ice

Did i offend you with your own crimes, spliced?

Do you hate me enough now, to despise?

Peace pokes me, ataraxis lures me…

In my volatile world, I choose to burn in my flame

I glow in the glory of this inner pain

And these embers – should turn to ashes, they must.

And soon, they will only be specks of dust.


dinner delight

It was a night of charm and delight

Friends, family – all within line of sight

Hypocritical grins and fake warm hugs

Some settled well, some seemed thugs

As they sat down to savor the feast,

The evil of envy – unleashes its beast

As it slowly raises its hood…

Conversations are more than ever misunderstood
Soon the acrid rebuttals lash across the table

The correctitude of the evening, so very unstable

The robust evening of joy from before,

Was sadly, no more.