‘Cos we gotta have faith :)

If life seems headed toward a dark tunnel
And nothing seems to make sense
Faith will be your light through the funnel
Your fuel, your joy, your effervescence

While the sine curve of life
Has its up and downs
Only Faith has the power
And energizes turnarounds!

While others spot the bird
One most spot the eye
Victory unencumbers effort and faith
and fructifies every try!


Haunting memories

For this week’s 3WW

Crawled into a tight space
Yearning to be free
The smell, the touch,the face
The memories, wont let me be

The bitter parting of ways
The stumble to recurperation
The days of pain filled daze
Emotions, retrograding retrovision

While in the bitter adult reality
Manipulative malice reigns supreme
The heart, in desperate longing
craves for what had once, been

Uncomfortably numb

For this week’s 3ww

How I wish these blows were limited
Whilst I bounce back and forth
I rise, I fall
Oh, the wonder of it all …

From the black to the white
From the good to the bad
Things may seem solid, they might
But sadly, they both do end

Our lives funnel through the filter of time
Our desires, our wishes, our failures
They sift through the gaps of the fingers
Our existance , measly, smidge, not worthwhile

These invisible flecks we are
amidst the plethora sans limitations
I feel my senses heighten
A drain through my emotions

Through the aggresive brickbats
and the fragrant bouquets
As long as I find my inner void
I will be okay

I wish the moment arrives
When I am immune to this facade
When this unreal existence fades
For the only truth is – nothingness

Emotional rollercoaster

Dear mind, haven’t you messed up enough?

Haven’t you magnified every moment of depression?

Sometimes you subdue our rationale

Sometimes, you cook up an elaborate fun fair


When one’s done being the sharpest sword on display

Let us for once, enjoy this funny play

While we tire of guarding our fortress

From our sanity, we digress


As funny as this voluntary insanity seems

It is very much engrossing

If left unguarded, will suck us all in

To a bottomless whirlpool of psychosis


Don’t we all wish that emotions

Was just a way of entertainment?

A sad/happy/fight filled movie

A few hours, well spent?


If only this heart of ours, would

Just relax, unhinge and unwind

If only this naïveté would die

While complete numbness, is what we strive


If only we knew if the other is earnest

Or just looking to use you for their tempest

If only those moments of connection

Was just a co-incidence, sans association?


If only, one moves their piece

Will this game of ours go somewhere?

If not, these moments will fade

And will resume our boredom and despair?


Is the ego our general or our Trojan horse?

Is it keeping us fortified?

Are the emotions our building blocks?

Or kamikazes, causing inner suicide?


While this fuzzy heart yearns for a wild gesture

A sign of sorts, may be a fixture

When all one gets, is giant leaps followed by silence

It’s time to step off the emotional roller coaster


This was for this week’s 3WW

Happy Diwali



The rhythmic sounds of rockets, aplomb,
The deafening noise of an atom bomb,
Red, golden , bright green sparklers
Light up the child’s face, wondrous

Coiling up is the crackling serpent
Indescribable joy, money well spent
Spinning around, the ground wheels
brightening the dark , like a tease

Yummy snacks prepared at home
To be feasted on, intermittently
Don’t forget the Deepavali marundhu
That saves our digestion, consistently

So on this Diwali’s eve, my friends
I wish you a lovely celebration
An unforgettable day of joys
And with loved ones, re-unions

May the evil and darkness in our lives
be annihilated for all eternity
May blessings and grace reign
also success, peace and prosperity !

Deepavali Marundhu(Meaning deepavali medicine) is a medicinal paste sweet dish made with select herbs, ginger, jaggery and honey to ensure good digestion whilst hogging on treats and rich food during Diwali fiestas 🙂



That one thing, that gets easier to do
As the years pass us by;
As turbulence and chaos reigns
and misfortunes, intensify

Through the daunting challenges
and shattering heartbreaks;
One reaches a threshold,
After all, how much can one take?

When the mind takes over the brain
A bewitching devil it is;
Push replay to overdrive
With much precision, fastidious

As the times pass us by,
Through wisdom, turmoil and penance;
Our old friends, who quickly arrive,
are peace, calm and acceptance.

This is the entry for this week’s 3ww

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Family comes first

The human life is cursed

You go through challenges, berserk;

Each one claims to have their own life, fights

Yet the unsolicited advice, and irk


For in your life they see their past

You feel that you are not their replicate;

That  thought of theirs, which always lasts

But they seldom feel their points a duplicate


So hear them out , family is most dear

Even if we frequently quibble

Family , without their love and strength

We would most probably we rubble!

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