Be Thankful

Between the moon rise and the sunrise
What does happen in the mid, transpires?
So just because you wake to another day,
Do you think its because you have it your way?
Be thankful!

From the roof that protects you above your head
And the clothes that cover you all over
Do you think, to all this , you’re entitled?
to all the sinfully tasty food, and leftovers?
Be thankful!

As you take every step out to your garden
And the starkly pure morning breeze
The dewdrops, on the leaves, they’ve fallen
While yellows and greens, dance on the leaves
Do you think these colors are yours to love?
Be thankful!

As you return to your haven, after a hard day’s work
And you soak in the loving smiles and kind words
If not for all this love, affection,and hugs
One would definitely go berserk
Be thankful!

For every breath
For every moment 
For every experience
For every joy
For every sorrow
For every instant of inspiration and wisdom

Be thankful!


Happy Diwali



The rhythmic sounds of rockets, aplomb,
The deafening noise of an atom bomb,
Red, golden , bright green sparklers
Light up the child’s face, wondrous

Coiling up is the crackling serpent
Indescribable joy, money well spent
Spinning around, the ground wheels
brightening the dark , like a tease

Yummy snacks prepared at home
To be feasted on, intermittently
Don’t forget the Deepavali marundhu
That saves our digestion, consistently

So on this Diwali’s eve, my friends
I wish you a lovely celebration
An unforgettable day of joys
And with loved ones, re-unions

May the evil and darkness in our lives
be annihilated for all eternity
May blessings and grace reign
also success, peace and prosperity !

Deepavali Marundhu(Meaning deepavali medicine) is a medicinal paste sweet dish made with select herbs, ginger, jaggery and honey to ensure good digestion whilst hogging on treats and rich food during Diwali fiestas 🙂